Circumambulation, Film

two 16mm film prints of each ca.11 min

In the work ‘Circumambulation’ past and present time are unravelled and re-woven inside a hotel room. An outline of a historical narrative serves as a guide, turning our gaze towards a shifting plane of semiotic facets. By a process of translation and interpretation – from paper to celluloid, from outline to perforation, a script is multiplied into two mechanisms: a film projection and 6 folding shutters within the space. In this site-specific installation these mechanisms are parallelled by the dream cycle, where linear threads are assembled and reassembled into different shapes of time. Here the day-night cycle and the biorhythm of the human body become integral to a greater procession. From an interplay between various timespans a slow composition can unfurl.

Camera Operator: Léo Lefèvre
System Design: Thomas I’Anson, Cathérine Lommée