Circumambulation, Liber Somniorum

Jahresweiser dunkelblau
18 × 25 cm
2017 – 2026

The ‘Liber Somniorum’ or ‘Book of Dreams’ has its roots in the ancient world. Dating back to 3100 BC, dreams considered omens and prophesies were carved as sign and symbol into clay tablets. Records through time show a continuous shift in signification, leading up to the late 19th century where Sigmund Freud deepened the road to the unconsciousness. This work can be considered a tribute to his follower and later opponent Carl Gustav Jung who argued that “dreaming is not a purely individual concern, that all dreams are part of one great web of psychological factors”. As an anonymous journal it is an invitation to make note of the symbols or images found in the dream of that night; it can be written, it can be drawn. This in time might lead to a procession of associative material, a polyphony of broken narratives, revealing what Jung called ‘the existence of the archaic strata’.