En échelon

video installation, black and white, 16:9, dolby surround, 34’

The formation of the video ‘En échelon’ occurs between an excavated architecture and the image sensor. Here the singularity of a subterranean site defines the work on different levels. In the progression of a linear camera movement traversing through the black light of a labyrinthian space, the edit of the film takes shape. A straight line is folded in multiple directions – black outs fade in, volumes emerge. As such, the moving image activates a mode of growth paralleling the unfurling mechanism of narrative threads. Every line is a different fold. An eclipsed/blind composition of sign and intersection that originated over a period of eight hundred years slides through the frame, drawing a hypothesis of erased narrations. In a sole cohesion of elements, virtual and real space and time merge.

Cinematography: Cathérine Lommée
Camera Assistant: Thomas I’Anson
System Design: Jonas van de Vosse
Grip: Ron Bernstein, Thomas I’Anson, Chaim van Luit
Sound recording: Cathérine Lommée
Sound editing: Raf Enckels
Post production: Fabien DeLathauwer, Tim Rutten
Navigation: Chaim van Luit
With the support of Jan van Eyck Academy

audio to be played at an ambient level