16mm transferred to video, colour, 4:3
Objet: 6’22”, stereo, 2008
Sujet: 3’22”, no sound, 2008

The work ‘Objet/Sujet’ embodies a phase of impotence in the development of my work. The stagnation was grounded in a crisis with the event and its representation; how it is mediated, and merely the inability to penetrate the visual world by the given means.This work was a turning point that lead to a renewal process to deeply rethink the position of the image, of imaging, and to radically redefine the work as mediator in the operation of seeing and perceiving.

Camera: Krzystof Pesek
Postproduction: Cathérine Lommée
With the support of FAMU International Prague

Soundtrack ‘objet’: Phil Niblock – Opus II/2