Phi/The Possibility of a Line

steel, 1390 × 1,5 × 4 cm, 66kg, may 2009
steel + I + Si, ø 23 cm, 50 kg, september 2009

‘Phi/The possibility of a line’ is a twofold work presented on different moments in time, in which the object is explored as an element to (re)define space as a field of ratios. The base material used here and returning in later work, is metal because of its base characteristics to be both conductive and modular. In the work ‘Phi’ the bar traversing and penetrating the exhibition space deflects the surface into a golden section. By later fusing this object into a circular shape, the previous line (and its conception) is/are now a memory incarnated in the movement of a sphere through the space; the line has become a multiple, the divisions variable. The consequences for this transformation will remain an essential outline in the conception of later work.