I'Æ, Psyche

pigment print on mat cotton paper
89 × 134 cm

“This is a print made from a photograph taken of the bust that formed the cast body of Psyche. Unlike the casting of Psyche that rests in the window box, the photo misses the head mould which is out of shot, hidden behind the visible casts on the wooden pallet. The mould pieces are secured together with muslin straps soaked in plaster holding the mould securely, until they are next parted, to prepare the next casting. These straps holding the parts together, appear as if holding two human torsos back to back, wherein the middle a third part not belonging to either one of the torsos yet inseparable from each, uniting both.”

excerpt from the text Raise | Lower | Inter
written and narrated by Thomas I’Anson and Cathérine Lommée