Le Carrousel du Ciel

video, colour, 16:9, no sound, 71’

The video ‘Le Carrousel du Ciel’ evolves as one long sequence simultaneously with the natural fade that shapes the work ‘Phase’. The imaging of this work is joined with a larger spatial movement being the rotation of the earth, inside of which its surface lays as a drawing space. Gradually reflection dissolves in projection, alternately arising and perishing into the landscape. In filming and screening the work original and filmic matter are fused into an unsteady pattern, flowing through the image as open space, self-effacing.

This video was made synchronous with the installation ‘Phase’ at the Verlorenkost Bridge in Ghent, 4 December 2011, 4-6 am

Camera: Fabien DeLathouwer and Cathérine Lommée
Editing: Fabien DeLathouwer and Cathérine Lommée